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He had a DREAM... A dream that became a reality earlier this year of 2019.

Bryan Andrews, Founder and Owner of Midwest CBD was born and raised in the Kenosha, Wisconsin. Bryan has always had a passion for everything natural… from growing an enormous organic vegetable garden to raising a wide array of farm animals for years on his own acreage. 


With knowing all benefits of CBD and his extensive farming skills, he dreamt of converting his garden to CBD farming. As soon as the state of Wisconsin passed the law to legalize the sale and use of the cannabidiol plant in 2018, Bryan applied for his license and began growing. Although; knowing farming is tough, the benefits are worth much more than all the hard work it takes. Bryan takes great pride in all of his endeavors and this is no different - Using organic soil along with daily manual labor to enhance the pure quality of his plants. After his first successful crop tested by the state of Wisconsin, he started making products for his immediate family and friends. All feedback was outstanding and now he is ready to expand to share these benefits with you.

Bryan’s sister, Cindi Romanovic, Executive Director, was introduced to CBD by her brother and fell in love with how it made her feel. With an already extensive network, Cindi, just as Bryan, aspired to share all these same health benefits. She started sharing Bryan’s CBD products with family, friends and co-workers. All feedback was excellent, with that, she began reaching out to more and more people and this marks beginning of the dream of sharing Midwest CBD products with everyone! 


Join us on OUR journey. 


Thank you for stopping by!

- Bryan Andrews


Welcome to MW!

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