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THCa Flower

Check out our currently stocked strains below (Always rotating so keep checking back for your favorites!):


Pink Guava is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing an unknown combination of other deliciously fruity hybrid strains. Named for its delicious flavor and gorgeous appearance, Pink Guava is the perfect choice for any hybrid lover. Like its name suggests, this bud has a super sweet and fruity tropical citrus flavor with light touches of guava and tree fruit. The aroma is very similar, with a sweet and sour tropical fruity overtone accented by hints of tangy citrus and spicy earthiness. The Pink Guava high is just as delicious, with full-bodied effects that work to energize the mind while relaxing the body at the same time. You’ll feel sociable and happy, easily carrying on conversations with those around you. However, this happiness can turn heady at times, leaving you giggling at anything and everything around you. While your mind flies, your body will fall into a state of pure relaxation and ease that has you kicked back and feeling totally free of any aches or pains.


Cherry Pie is a indica dominant hybrid of Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison. With flavors remniscent of its namesake, it helps in elevating the level of euphoria, relaxing body and mind, uplifting moods and focusing.


Runtz, also known as "Runtz OG," is a rare type of  hybrid marijuana strain. Runtz is made by crossing  Zkittlez with Gelato and it is loved for its incredibly fruity flavor profile that smells just like a bag of the sugary candy we all know and love. Runtz is celebrated for its creamy smoke that is smooth and welcoming. This strain of weed produces euphoric highs and uplifting effects that are known to be long-lasting. 


Oreoz, also known a "Oreo Cookies" and "Oreos," is a potent indica hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Cookies and Cream with Secret Weapon. This strain produces a long-lasting and relaxing high.This strain has an aroma reminiscent of campfire s'mores, with extra delicious hints of chocolate and diesel.


Strawberries n Cream is a hybrid weed strain that is a cross between Mimosa and Cookies and Cream. This strain is known for its delightful flavors and a balanced combination of effects. With effects include feeling relaxed, euphoric, and happy, this strain is ideal for unwinding after a long day, enhancing mood, and fostering creativity without excessive sedation.


Grease Monkey is a sweet hybrid marijuana strain with earthy and skunky overtones and is a cross of GG4 x Cookies and Cream. This strain saddles the consumer with a lazy, munchie-fueled body buzz that may soften the blow of chronic pain, nausea, and stress. While defined as a hybrid, this Grease Monkey’s deep relaxation will naturally lead some consumers toward sleep, so mind your dosage.


OG Kush, Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush,  a hybrid with a unique terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. OG Kush smells like lemon-pine-fuel with a mixed head and body effect. It's often enjoyed in the back half of the day to ease stress.


French Cookies is a rare sativa marijuana strain and is a variety of Platinum Cookies. This strain produces effects that are energizing and focused. French Cookies features a creamy, cookie flavor with just a hint of spice. The aroma of this strain smells like a classic cookies strain, which you'll recognize immediately upon opening your haul


The Peaches and Cream hybrid is a Skunk phenotype with a flavor that lives up to its name. Though floral and citrusy in aroma, Peaches and Cream has a sweet fruity taste underscored by a subtle spiciness. Heady euphoria gives way to creativity and good moods, making this strain an excellent choice for focused tasks and unwinding after work.


Mac Daddy is an indica-dominant hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between unknown parents. This strain is 70% indica and 30% sativa and has a pungent spicy taste and a skunky aroma that will fill the room. Effects include feeling euphoric, hungry, and energetic.


Strawberry Cheesecake is an indica-dominant marijuana strain made by generations of backcrossing Purple Panty Dropper and a Forum cut of GSC. Strawberry Cheesecake delivers effects that melt away physical pain while allowing the mind to soar with creative energy. This strain tastes like its namesake suggests —sweet and creamy with undertones of berry. 


Pop Tartz is a perfect mix of energy and calm that can jumpstart your morning just like the breakfast food can. Pop Tarts come in a variety of flavors and frostings, many of which are hinted at in the profile of this strain’s cherry, nutty terpenes. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain for relieving symptoms associated with chronic pain.


A crossing of Sour Diesel and Candyland, Sour Patch Kids emits a pungent aroma of diesel and sweet earth. This strain’s effects tend to be happy and uplifting, making it well-suited for consumers suffering from stress and depression. 

THCa Flower


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