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Ouachita Farms Daytime HHC | D9 25 MG Gummies

Take your wellness routine to the next level with Ouachita Farms Daytime Gummies. Infused with a balanced 1:1 ratio of 10mg each of △9 THC and HHC, these gummies offer the perfect combination of hemp-derived compounds to enhance your daily life. With a delicious mix of three fruity flavors - strawberry, green apple, and blue raspberry - our Daytime Gummies are a convenient and tasty way to add hemp to your routine. Whether you're seeking to boost focus and productivity, or simply looking for a new way to enjoy the benefits of hemp, Ouachita Farms Daytime Gummies are the perfect choice. Order now and discover the taste of wellness!

Ouachita Farms Daytime HHC | D9 25 MG Gummies


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